About Us

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Governing Board

  • Board of Directors
  • Judith C. Marty – Chair
  • Shannine Sadesky, MS.Ed. – Vice Chair
  • Dr. Erin Demirjian
  • Jenny Esquijarosa
  • Blanca Fernandez – Quevedo
  • Juan Molina

Board Meeting Dates

  • 9/18/2013 @ Pinecrest Preparatory Academy, 14301 SW 42 St, Miami, FL 33175
  • 11/13/2013 @ Pinecrest Academy North Charter School, 10207 West Flagler St, Miami, FL 33172
  • 3/12/14 @ Pinecrest Cove Preparatory Academy, 4301 SW 107 Ave, Miami, FL 33165
  • 6/18/14 @ Pinecrest Preparatory Middle – High School, 14901 SW 42 St, Miami, FL 33175

Board Files


Pinecrest Cove Preparatory Academy is serviced by Academica.

Academica is one of the nation’s longest-serving and most successful charter school service and support organizations. The Company was founded in 1999 on the principle that each charter school is a unique educational environment governed by an independent Board of Directors that best knows the right path for its school, and Academica’s mission is to facilitate that Governing Board’s vision. Academica has a proven track-record developing growing networks of high performing charter schools. Academica’s services include facilities, finance, staffing and human resource coordination, as well as bookkeeping, budgeting, regulatory compliance and financial forecasting. Academica serves the largest number of high-performing schools of any charter school management organization in Florida. Academica was the first company in the state to seek SACS accreditation for the schools it serves, and all of the schools it serves are either fully accredited or in the process of obtaining accreditation.

For more information please visit www.academica.org



Pinecrest Cove will provide a safe and nurturing learning environment in which all students are able to master state and national standards. Through ongoing assessments, engaging activities, and collaboration with students and parents, we will achieve student success.


The core philosophy and vision of our Pinecrest family is to empower each student to succeed in life and contribute to society in a positive manner. We envision students who will make a lasting impact on peers, communities, and are conscious of their purpose in the world at large. In order to develop compassionate and empathetic students, we will provide a safe and nurturing environment where there is mutual respect amongst all members of our school community. Students will come to school prepared and eager to learn. By exposing our children to a diverse curricula and differentiated activities, we will develop life-long, intrinsic learners.